Rain men Book by Marcus Berkmann

 rain men..
A witty look at cricket and it’s followers aimed at the fan, or the weekend player. It analyses the mystique of such diverse elements as the misery of Test match attendance, professionally eccentric .
Originally published: 1995
Author: Marcus Berkmann
Genre: Humour
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The Picador Book of Cricket

the picador..
A tribute to the finest writers on the game of cricket, acknowledging that the great days of cricket literature are in the past. There was a time when major English writers – P.G. …
Originally published: 2001
Genre: Biography
Editor: Ramachandra Guha
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AB: The Autobiography Book by AB de Villiers

AB has become the most valuable cricketer on the planet – Adam GilchristAB de Villiers is one of the finest batsmen ever to play cricket, and yet his achievement extends beyond his outrageous armoury .
Originally published: 8 September 2016
Author: AB de Villiers
Genre: Biography
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Ponting: At the Close of Play Book by Ricky Ponting

Ponting: At the Close of Play is the autobiography of the former Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting. It was published on 21 October 2013 by HarperSport.
Originally published: 21 October 2013
Author: Ricky Ponting
Genre: Autobiography
Page count: 721
Publisher: HarperCollins
Subject: Autobiography
Genre: Biography
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A corner of a foreign field Book by Ramachandra Guh

 a corner..
C. K. Nayudu and Sachin Tendulkar naturally figure in this captivating history of cricket in India, but so too—in arresting and unexpected ways—do Mahatma Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Originally published: 2002
Author: Ramachandra Guha
Genre: Biography
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Beyond a Boundary Book by C. L. R. James

Beyond a Boundary is a memoir on cricket written by the Trinidadian Marxist intellectual C. L. R. James, which he described as “neither cricket reminiscences nor autobiography
Originally published: 1963
Author: C. L. R. James
Preceded by: Party politics in the West Indies
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Nectar in a Sieve Novel by Kamala Markandaya

 nector in a sieve..
Nectar in a Sieve is a 1954 novel by Kamala Markandaya. The novel is set in India during a period of intense urban development and is the chronicle of the marriage between Rukmani, youngest daughter of a village headman, and Nathan, a tenant farmer.
Author: Kamala Markandaya
Genre: Autobiographical novel
Page count: 255
Characters: Irawaddy, Kali, Kenny, Kuti, Nathan, Rukmani, Arjun, Selvam, Thambi, Murugan
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